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Express Instant Boom provides easy-to-use, fast tooling that doesn't require you to code a better user experience.

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Put The Medium Platform Behind Your Domain

In 2017, Medium got rid of the ability for people to host their medium blogs on their own websites.

We Bring Greatness Back

With a bit of ingenuity, we developed a simple tool that allows you to do what was thought impossible.

SSL Included

That's right. Get that little lock sign on your site once your Medium is setup on your domain.

Remove Typeform Branding For Free

Express Instant Boom started out as a corporate registration website. As the site was built, there were so many things that stuck out about using third-party tools. Like adding Typeform when you were at the validation stage of a business.

Problem was...

Typeform has their watermarked logo all over the form loader and at the bottom of the forms. Plus, they demanded $70/month to untacky your form and remove a third-party logo. Express was born from this problem. Because it wasn't just this. There were other things around the web, too.

We solve the web's most annoying problems.

And we want to hear from you. Tell us what's troubling you or costing you an arm and a leg on your website.